First off, you have to call me Nighthawk. Hopefully you know the reference but definitely respect the moniker. (Its from Step Brothers, btw) I am your host to the North of the Cinemasters. Forged deep within the belly of a drunken volcano struck by lightning from a passing comet during the autumnal equinox, the Cinemasters were cast into existence to bring awesomeness to the realm of movie discussion to all who would gather to listen. I am the knowing things half of our namesake and I do my best to guard the sacred truths and trivia of all the movies I have watched through the years. I am a father to two righteous dudes, ages 5 and 7. When not siring them in the ways of Cinema I am absorbing as much film exposure and knowledge as I can so to bring you fine people my offerings of the written word. Ryan Reynolds is my North Star in all things filmtastic and I pledge to give you the finest commentary written and spoken I can Cine-muster.

31 Days of Horror – October 17th – “Slotherhouse”

I think it probably stands to reason from the title of this movie that it’s not a good one. I can personally vouch for this. It’s a genuinely stupid and horrible movie. The problem I’m finding myself dealing with at the moment is how exactly to account for this. I don’t believe this movie necessarily intended to be a good movie and just missed the mark. It is listed as …