12: Tangents Vol. 12: Clinton Musgrave’s 19th Movement of the Audiographical Snaphu

(PS: I’ve decided to start naming all our episodes as though Wes Anderson were cataloging them)

I know we’ve been a bit sporadic lately, boys and girls. Apologies all around. There’s a myriad of things we could suggest that stood in the way but the reality is we do this for fun so we do it when we can. And believe me, childrens, this was a fun episode. We had a bit of a snag in how we put things together. But we overcame it and still put out a moderately well manufactured podcast that we hope you will enjoy. I’m pretty sure we talked about movies and probably some other entertaining things you’ll all share with loved ones around a cozy fire this evening. So put on your listening ears and enjoy Ron and Adam discussing topics that have been recorded and provided to you.

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