19: 20 Scenes From Movies That Freaked Adam and Ron Out

Welcome back film fans for another spooky installment of “Cinemaster of the Universe”! This episode is number 18 which means we are fully legal and can totally vote in a sanctioned democratic election, amongst other things. If we were a James Bond film we’d be “Tomorrow Never Dies”, the sassy follow up to Pierce Brosnan’s initial outing as 007. In this episode we’re going to kick things off in the coming attractions with our follow up on “WHAAAAT?? You’ve Never Seen ______?” with Adam’s creepy pick “The Strangers” featuring Scott Speedman and Liv Tyler as well as Ron’s scary sequel “Psycho II” featuring a reprisal of Norman Bates by Anthony Perkins as well as young Dennis Franz and the ever vibrant Robert Loggia. Will these films scare the pants off our Cinemasters? Hopefully not as charges will likely be filed after last time’s stern warning. But you’ll have to tune in to see how things play out.

Next on to our Feature Presentation. This time the boys are bucking convention a bit and giving you menacing morsels of the scariest scenes in Cinematic History. Now all these scenes are strictly from horror films but all 20, that’s right 20, scenes are sure to give you all manner of nightmares. Have you been left hiding under the blankets with the lights on by any of these terrifying snip-its? Have you stayed awake all night fearing that you’ll be casually pursued through the woods by a madman as you repeatedly trip over literally nothing while probably soiling yourself? Do you know about the benefits of investing in gold? Well you’ll definitely want to ensure you stay tuned as our Cinemasters break down the most chilling moments in film.

Finally, we get to the post credits scene to see what our Fearless Film Fanatics will be up to on the next thrilling endeavor. The boys will be taking each other to task again on recasting some iconic roles with another round of “Who Played it Better?” This time there may be a bit of an M. Night Shamalamadingdong twist you won’t see coming so you’ll have to be sure and tune in to this exciting episode of CINEMASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!

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