26: Trivia Junket: The Movies of 2019 Edition

Hey there Cinemaster fans! It’s time for another tasty bite with Ron and Adam. After the implied success of slicing off a piece of your normal Cinemasters episode and keeping our loyal fans appeased on a more regular basis, we are back for another in between with a very special Trivia Junket. This time around the fellas tackle 2019 in review. You might just find when their next official episode drops that this is a very fitting topic to go in tandem with that. Each of the Cinemasters has come up with a 10 question roster for the other with something tying it to the year in review. With Adam’s victory in the first installment upset by Ron’s seizing of the trophy on their second outing with this segment, this third contest will prove to be a very compelling. You’ll have to be sure to tune in to this special episode to play along and see who comes out the victor on CINEMASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!

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