28: Gyparody: Kevin Smith Edition

Walt Flanagan’s Dog…come on down! Welcome back Cinemaster fans and first time callers. This tasty piece is far more satisfying than some Mall production of Truth or Date. This is a trivia contest devoted to the world of Kevin Smith aka Silent Bob. Ron Avis has lovingly crafted an amazing battle of the wits sure to challenge even the likes of Vincent Pereira, the official View Askew historían. However, this contest is not betwixt our usual Cinemasters, no. We have brought a new funployee into the fold and initiated him as an official Cinemaster.

Matt Mercer joins the ranks and he IS supposed to be here today. He and Adam will mentally standoff against each other to see who know the most about all things Jay and Silent Bob. There will be laughter and tears. Chewlies Gum and Mooby’s Cow Tippers. Stink palms and finger cuffs. Willam may even see the sailboat. Bring your friends, neighbors, heck grab your mother, even if she is a tracer. But heed the warning of the Metatron. In Kevin Smith fashion, the language in this installment is in TRUE Jersey style. Dirty. It’s nothing your cousin Walter couldn’t handle though. So pause that Morris Day album for a minute, say goodbye wild horses and tune in to this installment. Cuz we’re goin to Hollywood and you can’t NOT SEE this podcast. And on that note, we cue the music.

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