45: Trivia Junket: Vol. 5 (Graduation and Summer Edition)

Trivia fans, come on down! It’s time for another episode featuring one of our absolute favorite things to do and that is test our collective movie knowledge. We are back again with another round of questions for each other to see just how much of a mastery we have on the cinema. As it stands we are tied with one win a piece and a couple of draws under our belt. We always have  a lot of fun coming up with, asking and answering the questions and this episode was particularly fun to make. As usual, we have no idea what the topics are ahead of time and we simply have to do our best to get as many correct answers as we can. Will there be a new champion? Will we face off and have another tie? Will we get all of them wrong and be forced into humiliation and stop doing this forever? The only way you’ll really be able to find out what happens is when you tune in and listen to this episode of the CINEMASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!!!

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