51: Mastering ‘Hot Rod’ (2007)

“GODS OF WAR!!!! may your hammer be mighty.”

Welcome back to another episode of CINEMASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE and since February is the month of love we're going to present four movies we have a love affair with, kicking off with Ron's pick: the 2007 Lonely Island (and perhaps more so Adam Sandburg) vehicle, 'Hot Rod'. 

Hot Rod is an underdog tale about a young 'boy' that wants to be a stung man just like his deceased dad and clearly has some issues with his new step father, Frank. But to earn Frank's love and respect, he must first beat his ass in a fight! Problem is, Frank (played by Ian McShane) has a sick heart and needs $50,000 to afford a heart transplant. Thankfully for him, Rod, along with his intrepid crew, are up to the task of earning the dough and helping Frank get better….and Rod can once again go back to trying to kick his ass.

A silly movie to be sure, but you need to listen to this show to understand just how underrated a movie it really is.

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