53: Mastering ‘See No Evil, Hear No Evil’ (1989)

Hey there Cinemaster fans, we’re back with our third installment of our love affair with movies. Through the month of February we are picking movies we just love for one reason or another and are sharing them with you. This week is Ron’s second pick, the 1989 Richard Pryor and Gene WIlder classic “See No Evil, Hear No Evil”. Our Cinemasters will walk you through the nuts and bolts of this comedy classic and share their fun takes on some of the goofy things a plucky blind man with a penchant for punching will do and a cautious deaf guy will say trying to keep them both from ending up in the penitentiary for a murder they didn’t commit. Hilarity ensues as these two legends light up the screen with their physical humor as well as razor sharp wit. Also featuring a young and slightly deformed Kevin Spacey and the always stunning Joan Severance, this film is a treasure from the past that our Cinemasters dug up, dusted off and served up just for you in this latest installment of the CINEMASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!

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