9: Adam and Ron’s Favorite Movies Starring SNL Cast Members

Welcome back to another exciting installment of Cinemasters of the Universe! In Episode 9 we see the Rise of the Cinemasters as they change things up a bit with the visual aesthetic. What Adam lacks in overall appeal and personality, Ron more than makes up for in technical ability and general likability. Our heroes kick off this episode with another round of “WHAAAAT??? You haven’t seen _______”. This time Ron is going over his experience with Tom Hanks and his crazy “Bachelor Party” antics, pre “Man with One Red Shoe” fame. Adam is giving us the low down on a nitty gritty cop flick with Gene Hackman and Roy Scheider called “The French Connection”. You’ll have to see what these fellas have to say about their films of bygone era and whether or not you should check them out too.

Then we get into our main event as always. The boys will be covering the films of SNL fame. This doesn’t just include the movies that have been specifically produced by Saturday Night Live but rules that Ron and Adam arbitrarily, but thoughtfully, put in place to determine an “SNL Alum” flick. For Ron it was any film with at least two SNL Alumni members in predominant roles. Adam skewed it similarly but his rules were any film that included at least 3 SNL cast members, former or present. To avoid overlap and give you a true top 10 from our Cinemasters, they each concocted a list greater than 5 so they could pivot on a dime and give you, the viewer, just what you needed.

Finally we round out this episode with another installment of “Who Played it Better?” where Ron and Adam challenge each other to recast a film to see if they are up to the challenge of executing an award winning casting call or not. The boys really stuck it to each other with this round and it will be compelling to see how each of them handles it. I’m not going to tell you what they picked for each other, you’ll simply have to tune in and see how things unfold in this episode of CINEMASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!!!

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