1: Box Office Tangents Vol 1 – 90’s Filmography Showdown: Hanks v. Sandler

It’s official! We’ve got a spinoff. Or maybe it’s a sequel. Couldn’t be a prequel, right? Whatever it is, the Cinemasters are here in a second format. No worries, we’re still all in on Cinemastering the Universe. This is just something a little extra we’re trying out. We’re keeping it tight on time and we’re having a good time. It’s one part old school bits we’ve strayed from and one part new ideas of fun little games and gimmicks we can play around with. In our first ever installment here we pitted two 90’s multiplex heavy hitters against each other to see which one’s filmography wins out and boy was it a doozie. You’ll have to tune in to see who gets the knockout in this first ever episode of Box Office Tangents!

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