13: Adam and Ron’s Most Anticipated Movies of Sept, Oct and Nov 2019

Welcome back theater hoppers to another exciting feature of the Cinemasters of the Universe! The boys are all the way up to episode 14. Mitch is now completely installed as the Best Boy of this production, and we kick this episode off with the Coming Attractions. Last we left our Cinemasters they were checking a couple titles off their missed inventory in another round of “WHAAAT??? You haven’t seen THAT???” Ron gives us his take on the precursor to Coach Bombay Emilio Estevez’s Repo Man and Adam takes us back to a black and white Western with George Bailey and Big Jake in “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance”. Were these flicks worth their time or did they get left on the theater floor like a half-eaten box of sour patch kids? Tune in and find out.

Moving on to the Feature Presentation we revisit a regular feature looking ahead at the next 3 months of what’s coming out soon. Our Leading Men pick their most anticipated releases coming out in September, October and December. Each of our Cinemasters comes prepared with a few alternates in the event of inevitable overlap so that you get the 10 best picks these two fellas can put together. Want to know what to look forward to as we head into the end of 2019? Well you’ll have to tear your ticket and grab a seat to find out what makes the projection booth and what’s left on the cutting room floor when it comes to big flicks coming soon.

Finally, we’ll take a peek at the Post Credits sneak peek of what to look forward in our next episode. The guys are gonna pull out the casting couch once again and see if they can’t test their luck in revamping a couple of Hollywood classics with some fresh new faces. Ron challenges Adam to redo the Oscar Winning “My Cousin Vinny” with some very clear parameters of just who needs a casting update and Adam takes it a little easier on Ron with Back to the Future. To see who’s playing the new Vincent Gambini and Marty McFly you’ll simply have to swing by Blockbuster and rent the next new release of CINEMASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!!!

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