14: IT-Stravaganza!!! (Book, TV Mini Series, It and It: Chapter 2)

Hey there movie fans, it’s time for a very special episode of the Cinemasters of the Universe! We are all the way up to episode 14 and in this one we all float down here! That’s right theater goers, in this installment the boys are exclusively talking about Stephen King’s IT in all forms and fashions! They’ll kick of the episode with another rousing round of “Who Played it Better?” Ron’s casting couch will be for “Back to the Future” and Adam will be searching for a new Vincent Gambini as he recasts the classic “My Cousin Vinny”.

Once we’ve got that out of the way though, its time for PENNYWISE THE DANCING CLOWN! For many adults this clown still haunts their nightmares from his first television appearance in 1990 on ABC to the recently released “It: Chapter 2” and our heroes will be delving into the book, the miniseries and both of the most recent iterations shared in theaters. There WILL be spoilers in this one so hold on to your bright orange wigs as we head deep into the sewers of Derry, ME to fight one of the most ancient evils known to man.

To wrap everything up our Cinemasters will line up their Rad Dad picks a little early in this episode before we get to all those juicy spoilers from the latest film which our Movie Masters couldn’t wait to see in its opening evenings and have already studied the film in great detail. So turn on all the lights, make sure all the doors are locked and you’re nice and safe as our honorary members of the Loser’s Club go all out for our IT-Stravaganza in this episode of the CINEMASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!

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