22: The Rad Dads Watch Ernest Saves Christmas and Santa Claus: The Movie

Deep within the recesses of the core of creation, long before time and space became a twinkle in the eye of the cosmos, there existed a force so pure that no one being could truly harness its brilliance. To prevent this power from finding its way to the fiendish grip found within the dark hearts of men, the elders of the universe split this core into two pieces and sent them to the corners of existence, only to be summoned when the time was appointed for the union to be restored. Eons passed. Life ebbed and flowed throughout the galaxy. Civilizations came and went. None were worthy, that is until the Radical and the Dadical collided together in a sheer tyranny of will and two men were revealed to be the vessels by which this ancient power should be imbued. They were the Cinemasters.

Though set on different paths, these two mere mortals were thrust into the world with no knowledge of what weighty tasks lay before them. Life unfolded in the chaotic exuberance of humanness as these two amassed a filmography unlike that of their peers. From Schwarzenegger to Scorsese, the voraciousness of their videographical appetites were unquenchable. Consuming an endless array of films, the Cinemasters began to fulfill their destiny, unbeknownst to them. Eventually these two men were bestowed progeny and the prophecy's fruition drew nearer and nearer. And finally when all of mankind was reduced to a single Blockbuster Video, our two fateful heroes paths became woven together in a glorious tapestry. In this holy union betwixt these embattled compatriots a goodness the world had never seen before was birthed…Rad Dads.

In this episode, Ron and Adam have chosen Christmas Classics that are a little off the beaten path. As the typical holiday procession of movies gets passed around and the standard fare become almost a blur on TV screens across the land, our Cinemasters have hand picked two yuletide gems to reveal a subtler approach to the season that only the 1980's could afford. Ron selected “Ernest Saves Christmas: to share with his children and Adam picked the Dudley Moore December delicacy that is “Santa Claus: The Movie”. Thus far our Cinemasters have maintained an untarnished reputation as Rad Dads. Will they keep the streak alive or meet an untimely demise. You'll have to find out in this all new mini-sode of CINEMASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!

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