23: Adam and Ron’s Most Anticipated Movies of Jan, Feb and Mar 2020

Buckle up Cinemaster fans, this is your very first episode of JUST the Feature Presentation. Hopefully you enjoyed getting a smaller tasty bite of Ron and Adam with the least installment where the guys covered their Rad Dad Christmas picks. This time around will be filled with action and adventure, comedy and drama, and a little bit of the unexpected.

With December coming to a close we have a lot to look forward to in 2020. Not only will there be plenty of optometrist puns but I can only imagine the Barbara Walters, Hugh Downs and John Stossel references will run aplenty in the impending year. But one thing we can definitely count on like clockwork is that Hollywood will continue churning out films we want to see. Thankfully the Cinemasters are always here for us to let us know what they are looking forward to the most in the next 3 months.

So tune in and hold on for a riveting assortment of films that will be hitting the big screen in January, February and March of 2020. But there is a bit of a twist with these upcoming films. Ron and Adam try their hands at predicting Domestic Box Office performance in addition to selecting some high quality films in the first quarter of the new year. In January both of the fellas take a bit of a gamble on who they think the front runners will be. Adam makes a big, bold prediction in February and we find that March may be a bit sparse at this time. But to find out exactly what our Blockbuster Buddies have in store for you, you'll have to tune in to this episode of CINEMASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!

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