25: Spoiler Review: (Star Wars) Episode IIIIV The Rise of Skywalker

A little while ago in a galaxy relatively nearby a Star Wars film was released in theaters. That means the Cinemasters were there to experience The Rise of Skywalker in all its J.J. Abrams glory. Being the 9th and final film in the established Star Wars franchise it seemed to be a bit of a big deal as the theaters were quite full of patrons. But that didn’t stop Ron and Adam from sitting through the film in its entirety and enjoying a good many bits of it. Coincidentally, our newest Cinemaster, 4K Jay, was also on scene with Ron to partake in the film and since we had such a wonderful time with the Star Wars Mad Libs we did last time we brought him along again for a conversation on Star Wars: An Anthology.

I should give you a fair heads up that our conversation regarding the film is quite frank regarding plot points in the story and therefore should be regarded as “Spoiler Filled”. While this may be a bit of a misnomer in the sense that it is not filled ONLY with spoilers, it’s a fairly standard way of putting things in this particular venue. If you don’t mind spoilers, have seen the film or are just watching because you love Ron and Adam as much as you do, you’ll be sure to enjoy this episode quite a bit. If you’d like to wait until after you’ve seen the film to watch or listen to the podcast we do also understand that and hold no ill will.

So buckle up Star Wars fans as we walk you through not only the latest installment of the Star Wars franchise but we talk all things Skywalker from the first movie to the last and everything in between. We even have a fancy computer program that takes each of our rankings of the Star Wars films and creates a master list of how we feel the films weigh in. We also have some very interesting thoughts from Nick Wright on the Bitgeek podcast who was unable to join us in person but sent both his perception of the movie and his force ghost to watch over us. So you are getting DOUBLE the normal amount of commentary as usual! But in order to get all this Star Wars goodness you’ll have to tune in to this episode of the CINEMASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!

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