27: Adam and Ron’s Top 10 Movies of 2019

Welcome back to another Feature Presentation of the Cinemasters of the Universe, ya filthy animal. And Happy New Year, too! No we aren’t trying to debase our core followers. It’s simply a fun little homage to Home Alone 2 that works perfectly for our YEAR IN REVIEW episode. This is a most excellent episode to tune into if you’ve been watching/listening since day one or are a brand new ticketholder. On this installment each of our Cinemasters, Ron and Adam, will be going through their top 10 films of 2019. This past year was a fantastic one for films. There were box office records broken and great little films that surprised theater goers all over the place. We’ve seen some phenomenal ensemble films that culminated gigantic franchises and one off films that tore at our heartstrings. I can assure you that in whittling down a decisive top 10 there were many difficult decisions for our cinematic compatriots.

We should probably let you know that there could definitely be a spoiler or two as our Cinemasters run through the films. Some of the plot lines are guarded for the sake of both Ron and Adam in the event they’ve not seen one of the films discussed, but there are many which are discussed in some detail that if you’ve not seen the films yet, you may want to proceed with caution. It’s never our desire to ruin the movie going experience for anyone who enjoys the podcast but we’d rather be courteous in giving you a heads up that listeners tread carefully. If you think you can handle it either way, we promise we’ll do our best to make it worth your while. These fellas aim to please and entertain.

So pull up a chair and get comfy as this episode may go a little longer than your typical fare. But it’s definitely worth your while. Ron and Adam will run down their lists and give you all sorts of insights and trivia, laughs and tears, and maybe a few movies to add to your list of things to watch this January. There’s going to be plenty of horsing around to hopefully keep your spirits high but also some very heartfelt moments that give you a little window into what makes these Cinemasters tick. So if you think you’re game to find out what these two fellas think are the best of the best that the last year of the 2010’s had to offer then grab your popcorn and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and tune in for this episode of THE CINEMASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!

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