32: 20 Times Music Greatly Enhanced a Movie Scene

Welcome back Cinemaster-ites. As always we appreciate your continued investment in our musings on all things movies. This time around we have a real treat for you. We are in our 26th episode which technically brings us to the most recent James Bond movie, “No Time To Die”. After this episode we will have eclipsed the entire franchise and will no longer have a catalog of films to compete with as we continue forward. It’s wild to think we’ve don’t this many episodes and we have many more ahead of us. It’s nice to take a moment to look back at where we’ve come from and how excellent it is to be where we are now. We’ve grown to a decent little following and are very appreciative to our listeners/watchers of all our fun, movie related wiles. We will continue to bring you the level of content we’ve been delivering and always try to improve as we go along. This episode was particularly fun to put together. Think of your favorite scenes in movies over the years. Now think of some of your favorite songs from over the years. Now imagine if those two things got together in the back of a Volkswagen and had a baby. Those kinds of scenes are what we are talking about this time around. Each of the Cinemasters picked out 10 amazing scenes in some of their favorite films that got turnt up to 11 because the music in those scenes elevated the entire moment to a whole new level. In addition to watching and reacting to these scenes in real time, the fellas will be putting out a Spotify playlist of all the songs for your listening pleasure outside of the podcast. So channel your inner Christian Slater and get ready to pump up the volume on this audio/visual delight as we power through 20 Moments of Monumental Movie Music Magic in this episode of CINEMASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!

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