33: Cinematic State of the Union

I’d like to formally welcome everyone back to the new and improved, COVID-19 approved Cinemasters of the Universe! We had to take a break and retool our configuration to bring you the same great quality podcasting with a twist of social distancing, because we’re that kind of responsible. But now that we’ve done all that, washed our hands down to the bones and watched the world melt into oblivion, we figured it was time to talk about what everyone is REALLY worried about. WHATS HAPPENING WITH THE MOVIES?!?!

So this new episode is the boys speculating on the Cinematic State of the Union. We’re going to cover how the world has recused itself from theater attendance, since ya know, you CAN’T anymore. We’re also going to talk about how studios are migrating some films to later dates, pushing some out to digital platforms ahead of their previously scheduled ETA and where things are potentially going to go for the rest of 2020 and beyond. It’s mostly conjecture with a dash of wit and and a whole lot of fun. It’s not all doom and gloom so come and chillax with your Cinemasters, in audio format only. Sorry we can’t bring you our shiny happy faces right now. We’re just happy to pump back into your ear drums in these crazy times and bring you the best we can in all things movies. So tune in and listen to this brand new adventure from the CINEMASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE

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