34: Who Played it Better? (Three Amigos/Caddyshack)

Welcome back to our first audio only Coming Attractions segment. So glad we are back with regularity and you are all back to listen to our collective musings on the wonderful world of movies. This time around we are doing a long awaited return to one of growing favorites, Who Played it Better. This time around our Cinemasters have really thrown down the gauntlet with some heavy hitters in the way of classic comedy. Though as per usual, Adam has royally stuck it to Ron. But without giving away too much in this friendly little teaser, Ron has truly risen to the occasion and delivered an amazing line up. Not to scoff at what Adam has put forth this time around but Ron is really going to rock your socks off. So grab your headphones and check out this battle of the iconic comedies in this tasty bite of the CINEMASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!!!

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