36: 99 Cent Comedy Rentals

Welcome back movie goers. This is a Feature Presentation we’ve had in the can for a while now. It’s a whole new segment we’ve been waiting to unveil. From the mind of Ron Avis comes the 99 Cent Rentals. Having both worked in video stores, corporate and mom & pop style, Ron and Adam both understand how to help the wayward customer looking for something a little different than the new release standard fare. In these instances, patrons of the old brick and mortar movie rental establishments would rely on the clerks for a little extra movie knowledge to recommend a hidden gem or maybe dust off a classic. In this segment our Cinemasters will bring 3 comedies to the table that maybe you’ve seen and forgot about or maybe you’ve never even heard of them. Whatever the case is, we are happy to bring this new service to you, our proverbial customers. But to find out just what kinds of flicks our film fanatics are featuring, you’ll have to tune in to this latest episode of the CINEMASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!!!

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