4: Tangents Vol 4 – AI: Meet Thy Doom

Well hello there Cinemaster adjacent fans and welcome back to another relaxed episode of our spinoff podcast, Box Office Tangents. Today the Rental King and that fella from the North will be taking on a very topical tangent, AI. It’s a big topic so this may be Ron and Adam’s first bite of this particular take with more to come in the future. Is it a tool that could revitalize Hollywood? Is it the end of the world as we know it. Or maybe it’s just a way to make everyone look like they were in a cartoon version of Lord of the Rings. Whatever AI’s ultimate purpose is, our Cinemasters are going to give you their two cents. So snuggle up with your favorite build-a-bear and grab a soft pair of aloe infused comfy socks and enjoy a steaming mug of today’s Box Office Tangents

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