5: Tangents Vol 5: Haunted Inheritance, DCEU Trajectory

Gather round Cinemaster adjacent fans as it’s time for some delicious new tangents for the boys to chat about. This week’s episode features some tasty treats in continuing some of our discussion from last week about AI with a delightfully haunted tale of two Hollywood icons spending a night in a haunted hotel. After that, Ron and Adam will be covering some of their thoughts on the trajectory of the DCEU under the watchful eye of James Gunn. So find your slippers, grab a mug of cocoa and snuggle up by the fireplace for another cozy episode of Box Office Tangents!

(0:00:05) – Podcast Tangents (21 Minutes)

We kick off the show by talking about the evolution of AI and the consequences of it going wrong. We discuss Dudezy, a podcast where AI controls the show, and Will Sasso and Chad Colchin's mission to control it. We then move on to the AI dilemma, a talk by the people who created the Social Dilemma. We bring up the statistic that 50% of AI researchers believe there's a 10% or greater chance that humans go extinct from our inability to control AI. We also talk about the potential for AI to create its own version of Jurassic Park, but instead of preserving humans, it would be a park where they are extinct.

(0:20:54) – James Gunn and DC's Future (8 Minutes)

Christopher and Bobcat get some rest before heading to the library. There, they discover an ancient book that holds the secret to lifting the hotel's curse. With a determined look, the two set out to break the curse and save the day. Later that night, they perform a ridiculous yet endearing ritual, breaking the curse and bringing peace to the hotel. In the morning, they wake up to find their attorney waiting in their suite to inform them that the inheritance is theirs. We wrap up the chapter with a funny prank and celebrity impression.

(0:29:23) – DC's Future With James Gunn (6 Minutes)

We discuss the upcoming Flash movie and the DCEU, exploring the praise surrounding the movie and speculating on the possibility of the DCEU being corrected. We consider how James Gunn was assigned head of DC and the success he had with the Suicide Squad movie franchise. We reflect on John Cena's portrayal of Peacemaker and how James Gunn uses Twitter to engage with fans and critics. Finally, we contemplate what James Gunn's Superman movie will look like.

(0:35:31) – James Gunn's Role in DC Universe (12 Minutes)

We explore James Gunn's entrance into the DCEU and what it could mean for the future of the franchise. We examine the connection between Gunn's Marvel background and his new DC role, and the potential of the studio to make creative decisions in their films. We further discuss the impact of Gunn's involvement in the making of a Superman movie, and the benefits of following the right people on Twitter for up to the minute news.

(0:47:45) – Streaming Movie Release Challenges (12 Minutes)

We explore the cancellation of the Batgirl movie and how studios have to consider the financial aspect of films when making decisions. We discuss the production and advertising budgets associated with theatrical feature films, as well as the reception of films and the effect on box office success. We also look at the impact streaming services have on the success of films, and how many views equate to a ticket sale. Finally, we consider the success of Lord of the Rings and the attention span of people today.

(0:59:31) – Video Games in Film Adaptations (9 Minutes)

We take a look at the potential of films adapted from video games, examining the success of the Super Mario Brothers movie and speculating on the possibility of a Call of Duty film franchise or something similar to the Jack Ryan series. We discuss how studios can leverage the name recognition of existing properties and the appeal of video games to the next generation of moviegoers. We also consider the potential of remakes, such as a modern take on Back to the Future, and the challenge of finding actors who can replace the originals.

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