59: Mastering ‘Vice Versa’ (1988)

Welcome Cinemaster fans to the first episode of our “Movies that May not have aged well”. In this installment we have a very special guest returning to join Ron and Adam. White Machete sit’s in to discuss the 1988 body swap classic “Vice Versa”. Our three Cinemasters discuss the ups and downs of the adventures of Judge Reinhold as Fred Savage and Fred Savage as Judge Reinhold. Two fish out of water just trying to figure out how to get back. Between sweet drum solos, mysterious skulls and awkward “Mony, Mony” montages, our Cinemasters break down this flick to find out whether it does hold up or not. Curious to see how things end up? You’ll just have to listen in on this episode of CINEMASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!!!

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