7: Adam and Ron’s Most Anticipated Movies of Summer 2019

In this installment our boys are busting out a brand new segment called who played it better. If you recall in our last episode Ron challenged Adam to recast the classic thriller “Silence of the Lambs”. Adam returned the volley with an 80’s classic to find new, young talent for “The Breakfast Club”. Whatever you do, don’t check his browser history, folks.

After this interesting change of pace we revisit a formula that worked for our Cinemasters once before. They’re going through the most anticipated theatrical releases this summer as they countdown their Top 5 films for June through August. What makes this episode even more special than the others is the fact that Ron has “had a few drinks” and is nearly unfiltered. The laughs don’t stop as we visit 10 different summer hits.

Finally we round it out with a fan favorite, Rad Dads. Both of our dads are on a roll. Can they keep their rad status alive? Will they select all together wildly inappropriate films to watch with their children? Just how many Zimas DID Ron have? If you want to know the answers to these questions and so very many more you’ll think of while you watch them, be sure to tune in to Episode 7: The Force Rests It’s Eyes, It’s Not Sleeping of THE CINEMASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!!!!

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