78: Water Cooler: Our 10 Favorite 2022 San Diego Comic Con Announcements

Welcome back once again Cinemaster fans to another water cooler episode just in time for the tail end of summer. Blockbuster season is coming to an end, school is getting ready to come back in session and we will head shortly into the “Ber” months. But before we bust out the pumpkin spice, we’ve got one last summer hurrah to cover. The San Diego Comic Con recently came to a close and this entertainment mecca has unleashed all manner of surprises yet to come. As always Marvel dominated the conversation but in this episode, Ron and Adam will be covering their top ten picks of all things SDCC. So buckle up for a throwback list with some pretty amazing things that the theaters (and other venues) have in store for us on this episode of the CINEMASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!!!

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