Mastering ‘Spaceballs’ (1987)

Here comes our third installment of movies we LOVE for February, Cinemaster Fans. This episode is Ron’s second pick and one of Mel Brooks’ most notable flicks of all time. It’s the go to space spoof with quotable lines you might even recognize in our theme song! Brook teams up with comedy legends John Candy and Rick Moranis to bring you Spaceballs! This 80’s masterpiece is filled with take offs from some of your favorite sci-fi properties of all time and even after all these years the laughs hold up even if you don’t have the power of the Schwartz. So grab your Spaceballs lunchbox, you know, the one with the transformers on it, and kick back with the Cinemasters as they comb through this gem for all it’s worth on this episode of the CINEMASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!!!

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