57: A Tribute to the Original Xbox

Microsoft saw what Sony did to Nintendo and SEGA, soundly defeating one titan while putting another out of the hardware business for good and they figured, “why not us?” The Xbox may have seemed like a novelty when it first launched in 2001, but despite soft sales in Japan, the west seemed to dig what Microsoft had to offer. For the first time PC gamers were taking notice of what consoles could be like with first person shooters playable with a controller *GASP* and not a mouse and keyboard. Oh, not to mention, changing the way we all play games online with Xbox Live.

Join Nick and Ron as they pay tribute to the original Xbox. 

Endgadget article about “The Duke”https://www.engadget.com/2018/03/23/xbox-controller-retrospective-hyperkin-duke-gamepad/

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