58: Cinemasters: Most Anticipated Movies of March, April and May 2019

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls. Please gather round for another exciting installment of THE CINEMASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE! In this latest edition we are lovingly subtitling “A New Hope” we find our heroes Ron Avis and Adam Peterson wrestling with a new foe. They take on the idea that somehow there is a classic movie, new or old, that they’ve not seen. Shudder! In a new segment titled “WHAAAAAAAAT?? You’ve not seen that? The boys each pick a movie considered some kind of classic and purposefully sit down for a viewing.

Once those coming attractions have concluded we move directly into the main event. Ron and Adam go through the films coming to theaters between March and May to hand pick their most anticipated picks this spring. Certainly the Superhero genre with the likes of “Captain Marvel” “Shazam!” and “Avengers: Endgame” are all automatic picks so they make the cut regardless. But the boys react to trailers live as they make their way through each of their top 5’s.

Finally we conclude the feature with the post credits teaser. This time they’re circling back to defend their statues as Rad Dads! Will their selections be epic or will they end up as Bad Dads? You’ll have to stay tuned to the very end to see what they’ve lined up for episode five. There will be laughter. There may be tears. We might even have a special guest pop in for a visit. You never quite know just what could happen when you’re dealing with THE CINEMASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE (cue echo and fog machine)

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