60: Cinemasters: Our Favorite Years in Movies and Rad Dads

As we last left our heroes they were embroiled in another fantastic quandary of whether or not they were, in fact, Rad Dads. This cliffhanger ending (nearly 2 months ago) had us on the edge of our seats as Ron, our Courageous Cinematic Commander, and Adam, the Plucky Theatric Rascal, vowed to bring two classic films from the annals of their infancy in filmdom to the forefront of their own children’s theatrical education today. This is always a risky endeavor as some films don’t have the movie magic to pass the test of time. How will their families respond? Are Ron and Adam Rad Dads or Bad Dads? You’ll have to watch or listen to find out.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Once we get their full check in from that mission its straight on to the next. This time the boys decided to pick their favorite year in movies. For these fellas we knew it was going to be difficult as that’s a lot of years of movie watching. You might be surprised where they land and even more surprised as they burn through 10 movies a piece. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. You might get up for a bathroom break as these guys can really talk about movies for a long time. No matter what you do, you’ll be sure to enjoy this fun jaunt down memory lane.

And just before you know it, we’re right back to another teaser. These two certainly do like to keep us in bittersweet anticipation of what they’ll do next. It’s a reprisal of a popular segment they did before. “WHAAAT? YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THAT???” pops back up for them to each pick a movie, recent or not, famous or not, that they’ve always meant to see and haven’t yet. To see what they pick you’ll have to watch or listen and to see what they SAY about those movies you’ll just have to tune in next time to the CINEMASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!

Ohh boy, this time around these guys are doin…doin some crazy movie stuff. They’re gonna tell you guys how things with Rad Dads went with their kids when they watched their Rad Dad movies. You’ll be totally blown away by just what they say about that whole thing. They’re gonna tell you which movies they watched and then even some more information about how their families and kids responded to those movies that they picked out and watched. Its gonna blow your minds wide open. Then after that part is done they’re gonna move on to a whole other part and guess what that has in it? Even more movie talk, you know? It’s all movies all the time with these two guys and this time they are going to talk about their favorite years for movies. When you hear what years they picked out and talked about movies from those years you won’t even believe it when you hear them talking. Oooohwee! Finally once they’re done with that part they’re gonna tease you one more time with something else, another movie thing to tease like with a movie teaser kind of thing, you know? And this time they’re doing another one of those “Wow, you haven’t ever seen this movie before? I can hardly believe that you haven’t seen it since you watch so many movies” or whatever they call it. But they each pick a movie to go back and watch and you’ll hardly even believe it when you hear the movies they picked out. So just strap in and just buckle up for a whole big bunch of excitement when you watch or listen to the newest podcast from the Cinemaster of the Universe. Aww geez.

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