67: Cinemasters: 10 Great Movie Soundtracks | Recasting Star Wars: Attack of the Clones and Forrest Gump

The boys are back in our TENTH EPISODE! We made it to double digits and we are darn proud of it. To go along with it, we’ve got a whole new set for the Cinemasters to broadcast from and we think you’ll love the new digs. Picking up where we left off, our Cinemasters have been tasked with recasting two iconic films. Ron challenged Adam to recast the dismal Star Wars prequel often mocked for its CGI Pear scene, “Attack of the Clones” and Adam viciously assaulted Ron by demanding he recast the beloved Tom Hanks in one of his greatest roles ever, Forrest Gump. Both of our heroes made some interesting and bold choices in their recasting and we think you’ll be surprised and pleased with the results. From there we move on to our Main Event which should be music to your ears. Dust off your Discman as our Cinemasters go through 10 of the greatest movie soundtracks of all time. Disclaimer: These are not the TOP TEN of all time as that’s simply too big of an undertaking. The fellas recall some great moments in movie history set to some of their favorite tunes and we are confident you’ll be pleased with their selections. Before long you’ll be rummaging around in your old CD cases looking for some of your favorite movie tunes as well. Finally we round out the podcast with a tried and true classic at this point, Rad Dads (This is where you insert the “Excellent” from Bill and Ted). Ron is very excited to showcase his selection as it’s a film very near and dear to his heart that he’s got a fantastic new 4K release to share with his kids. Adam recently re-discovered a bygone classic from the 80’s he’s not seen himself in at least a couple of decades. Will our hopeful heroes be able to wow their progeny once more and maintain their status as Rad Dads or will this be the time they finally get dubbed a Bad Dad. You’ll have to tune in to our next exciting installment of CINEMASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!!!!

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