70: A Conversation with Dagan Moriarty

Whether he’s working long hours animating for the Emmy award winning children’s television show Sesame Street or flying across the country to record with his brother on the popular retro and nostalgia themed podcast CLS Knockback, the enormously talented Dagan Moriary never fails to be a pleasant and charming and full of warmth. So we were overjoyed when the Dagan accepted our invitation to join us and chat about his personal and professional life.Avid listeners of CLS Knockback already know the eldest sibling of four is pretty tight with his family. So it’s no surprise to learn that before styling the iconic quaff of Miami Vice star Don Johnson in the early 1980’s, it was his grandfather who taught the budding artist how to draw Mickey Mouse and make a crayon do things that seemed like magic to a young impressionable Dagan. Leading up to his success at Sesame, we learned about his work on the popular series of computer video games Leisure Suit Larry as well as his experience working on The Mr. Men Show over at Cartoon Network. But there’s much, much more that I’m not going to spoil here. If you want to hear about the first ever arcade cabinets Dagan remembers seeing or which classic video game sprites he thinks are the coolest OR IF he knows everything a nerd ought to know about his hometown of Long Island, NY you’re just gonna have to tune in! 


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