71: Cinemasters: 10 Great Movie Trailers | Movie Trivia (80s Movies, Ryan Reynolds)

“For Your Eyes Only”

Welcome back theater goers. In lucky number 13 of our Cinemasters episodes the boys introduce us to a brand-new segment in this week’s Coming Attractions. Trivia Junket gets its theatrical release and our Cinemasters challenge each other to a gauntlet of specialized Trivia. Adam tests Ron’s 1980s IQ and Ron looks to see just how big of a Ryan Reynolds fan Adam really is. If you want to know just how well they fared in this test of wits, you’ll have to tune in to see how things go down.

Next we’re on to the feature presentation and this time our heroes are running down the list of some of their top movie trailers of all time. It’s too hard to fathom coming up with a legitimate top 10 so the Cinemasters will give us a look at 10 of the best trailers they’ve come across in their trailer tenure. Some selections will be sure to surprise you but once again, you’ll have to listen in to find out just which previews made their top 10 to see which ones you’re going to check out on youtube.

Finally, in the post credits scene of this episode, our pseudo-Siskel and erroneous Ebert line up what is on tap for the next installment’s coming attractions. This time around the fellas are going to be checking off 2 more of their missed adventures in another installment of “WHAAAAT??? You haven’t seen THAT???” Ron’s going to be checking out the 1984 Emilio Estevez punk rock classic “Repo Man” and Adam will be visiting the films of yesteryear once again with Jimmy Stewart and The Duke, himself, Mr. John Wayne in “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance”. You’ll definitely want to tune in to find out how that goes in the next exciting episode of THE CINEMASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!!!!

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