76: Cinemasters: The Evolution of Horror Films


Hey there scary movie fans, it’s time for another installment of Cinemasters of the Universe and this one’s going to be spooktacular! Our hosts, Ron and Adam, are duking it out a second time in the Trivia Junket to see who’s the “Best Boy” when it comes to obscure movie knowledge. And since it’s October, this trivia is all about horror movies.

Then it’s on to the Feature Presentation. Our fellas are taking on the haunting task of strolling through the last 50 years of the macabre cinema to bring you some of their high points, and low ones too, of the creepiest offerings that Hollywood has brought us over the last half century. From the early days of Alfred Hitchcock to the recent resurgence in movies that go bump in the night from James Wan, our fearless fanatics will be taking on everything from Slasher flicks to found footage and all the zombies you can pack in the middle. It’s a topic that’s sure to make you scream…with delight.

Finally, we get this episode’s post credits scene. The guys are doing a “WHAAAT??? You haven’t seen ______???” again and this time it’s with a frightening twist. Somewhere in the catalog of horror flicks there has to be one or two that Ron and Adam haven’t seen and that’s the challenge this time around. To find out what they pick you’ll just have to tune in to this episode of CINEMASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE…if you dare…

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