79: Cinemasters: Spoiler Review ‘Doctor Sleep’

Gather round children as we interrupt your regularly scheduled internetting for a special broadcast. The Cinemasters have gone to see another recent release and are here to give you their take on it. Much like their previous stand-alone episode reviewing “The Joker”, our heroes have taken to the theater once again to give you a fresh look at a new film. This time the boys went to see the much anticipated sequel to the 1980 Stanley Kubrick/Stephen King masterpiece “The Shining” known as “Doctor Sleep”. Its 2 and a half hours of Ewan McGregor goodness filled with chills and thrills. But buyer beware, this review is riddled with spoilers of every kind. If you’re curious to see if this one is worth your time and don’t mind a little bit of a peek behind the curtain before you see it, feel free to tune into this very special installment of “THE CINEMASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!”

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