80: Cinemasters: 10 Great Movies Released Around Thanksgiving Holiday

Happy Turkey Day movie fans from your favorite (and only) Cinemasters of the Universe! This is episode 19 in our series of 10 billion focused primarily on movies. This time around we’re kicking things off with a good old fashioned family edition of “Who Played It Better?” where Ron was charged with recasting the pseudo-sequel to the Goonies: All Growed Up edition and Adam had to take on The Shining. Both of our film fanatics pulled out all the stops and created two very intriguing new casts.

Next we have a quick little special features on this Thanksgiving DVD (Standard Definition) where the boys give us a quick rundown of some classic Thanksgiving themed movies. Once Halloween hits the old dusty trail, everyone is happy to jump straight into Christmas mode and fire up the Griswold’s on the DVD player (Standard Definition). But there’s a handful of great Thanksgiving movies that get overlooked in this process. The fellas are gonna make sure you press pause on Elf real quick to divert your attention to some Turkey Day classics.

Now on to the Feature Presentation. Ron and Adam both give us five of their favorite flicks that were huge at the box office over Thanksgiving weekends of the past. Once everyone fills their bellies with turkey, rolls and Sweet Potato Casserole (the Michael Jordan of Thanksgiving), a tradition for many over the long holiday weekend is to take in a film. Our boys countdown 10 favorites that may bring back some nostalgia from the ghost of your own thanksgivings past.

Finally we’re rounding out the podcast with a set up for the next episode. In this episode we’re facing forward into December with a Rad Dads on the horizon. Will their picks be Christmasy? Will their selections have a twinge of holiday goodness? Or will they be simply another wonderful classic film from Childhood that they’re ready to share with their kids? There’s only one way to find out and that’s to watch this episode of CINEMASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE!

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