83: A Tribute to Ghostbusters

When there’s something strange in the neighborhood who you gonna call? You probably think it’s the Ghostbusters, don’t you? Technically you’d be right. But there is an alternative that is a bit more accessible to you, the general public, that we think you’ll want to take advantage of and it’s the first ever Crossover Episode of the BitGeek Podcast and the Cinemasters of the Universe!

I should warn you that if you are actually experiencing some sort of full floating vapor or have a chubby little green ghost eating up all your hot dogs, we might not be totally capable of dispensing with your bothersome spirits. However, what we lack in proton related firepower, we more than make up for in charm and wit. In this special crossover episode we unite Ron and Nick of the BitGeek Podcast with Ron and Adam of the Cinemasters podcast. What seems like it would be a panel of 4 with 2 Rons in the mix is actually just three guys and only one of them is Ron. He does have the charm and wit of 2 full Rons, though.

So tune in to this very special conversation about all things Ghostbusters. We’ll cover the old movies, the cartoons, the games and gear of the Ghost busting universe. Oh and we might just speculate wildly at what all three of us hope will be a magnificent new iteration into the franchise coming next summer. If you’ve been a fan for 35 years or you’ve never seen the flicks, we will do our best to entertain you with our shared love of all things Zeddemore, Spengler, Stanz and of course, Venkman in this very special installment of TWO PODCASTS YOU LOVE!

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